About Marble Hill School for International Studies

The Marble Hill School for International Studies is a small college preparatory school for students interested in foreign languages and international studies. A New Visions School, it was created in 2002 with a focus on international connections, global awareness, and language learning. Recently cited as a highly successful school in a WestEd Report Rethinking High School: An Introduction to New York City's Experience (pdf), the school has established itself as a school of academic distinction.

It provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn about the world in which they live and to participate in cultural exchanges. Other features of the school include: Advisory, student council, community service, technology assisted instruction, youth leadership development, extended day program and Saturday program. The school is supported by the community-based organizations; Lehman College Now, Peace Corps Fellows Program at Teachers College.

The school offers all students a first rate education in an international environment, where over 35 languages are spoken by students and staff. If you would like to study in a school with a caring international staff and students from many countries of the world, then the Marble Hill High School for International Studies is the place for you.

Our Mission

The mission of the Marble Hill School for International Studies is to develop in each student the necessary skills to acquire and apply knowledge. Students will be provided with a social, emotional and physical environment that is nurturing, supportive, intellectually challenging and conducive to learning. Students will be empowered to become self-directed, life-long learners inspired by their personal quest for understanding of themselves and the global society in which they live.

Our Beliefs

The Educational Philosophy The Marble Hill School for International Studies embodies the following beliefs about education and learning:

Guiding Principles for the School's Success

The Marble Hill School for International Studies is based on the guiding principles created by the Coalition of Essentials Schools and identified and adopted by the Bronx New Century High Schools Initiative. Our educational vision and philosophy reflect the same principles. Our vision is premised not only in the notion that small is better, but also in the understanding that student success is achieved by a combination.

The school personalizes instruction and creates an atmosphere of nurture, support and understanding where teachers and students spend longer periods of time together, and come to know each other well. We use multiple venues to provide students an academic program that have depth, coherence and continuity, and provide for extended time in classes to allow for Pprental involvement is an important component in our school.

Parents are involved and included in the school community. Parents are encouraged to participate in school decisions by becoming members of the School Leadership Team and the Parent Teacher Association.

Educational Approach

The educational approach for the Marble Hill School for International Studies encompasses many aspects and facets of successful practices in small learning communities throughout the country. Smaller schools where students are well known, the curriculum is challenging, teachers take ownership of instruction and parents are fully involved are successful. We believe our educational approach has specific features and structures to meet the needs of our diverse population, and supports our school mission and educational philosophy. The following are fundamental to our school design:

Marble Hill School provides and demands more than just the minimum state requirements. We want all our students to be college and career-ready. Colleges look for students that have taken 4 years of Math & Science, taken rigorous course-work such as, Advanced Placement (AP) classes, and/or College Now classes, done Community Service, and been involved in extra-curricular activities. We also know that students that challenge themselves during their high school career through academics and ex-tracurricular activities, assimilate better to college and career-work demands. Additionally, our students have received fantastic scholarships based on the academic and extracurricular activities we provide and promote.

Course and Credit Requirements 9th. & 10th. Grades

Freshmen Year Courses
7 credits per semester / 14 credits per year

Sophomore Year Courses
7 credits per semester / 14 credits per year

Course and Credit Requirements 11th. & 12th. Grades

Junior Year Courses
7 credits per semester / 14 credits per year

Senior Year Courses
7 credits per semester / 14 credits per year

Extra Curricular Activities

Marble Hill School for International Studies has a diversity of clubs, including Model United Nations, Yoga Clube, and Student Council.

In addition, there is a multitude of Campus Sports teams including Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Softball and many more.

International Exchanges